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Mr. S.N. Dowuona Owoo

Mr. S.N. Dowuona Owoo
Mr. S.N Dowuona Owoo is the founder of Adonai shipping Limited, an indigenous Ghanaian company providing offshore services in Ghana’s upstream Oil & Gas industry. He has over 20 years experience in Finances, shipping, and in the oil & gas industry.

Mr. Dowuona Owoo has served as the director in various companies in the Netherlands and is currently serving as the Chief executive officer since the company’s inception. It is and has always been his mission to prove that Ghana and its Ghanaian workforce can surely compete in the modern business world as a whole and the oil & gas industry.

Mr. Dowuona Owoo is an ardent entrepreneur and has a vast and rich experience in the oil industry and is highly respected in the energy sector in Ghana. He oversees activities of the company as well as the activities of the management staff.

As a CEO committed to excellence and high business ethics, Mr. Dowuona Owoo focuses on maximizing local content by engaging local suppliers and local service companies. He has a “heart for Ghanaians” and prioritizes Local Content in all his activities. Under his leadership, Adonai shipping obtained GIFF membership, and on international level, FIATA, TRACE, and OBL Cross Trades Network.

In summary, Mr. Dowuona believes in excellence. He constantly monitors the services provided and works in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations: in-country and internationally within the trade ensuring good quality management and expertise. Mr. Dowuona Owoo cares for Ghana and translates this in his way of doing business and treatment of crew, staff, and the business field as a whole.